Reader Reviews of Before the Season Ends

"Country girl, Ariana Forsythe, is sent to a wealthy aunt in London to head off an unsuitable match in this faith-based Regency romance. The author's command of period detail is impressive, evident in material details but also in dialogue. The theology is also period authentic. The novel even contains a glossary to help non-Regencyphiles get up to speed about the difference between ladies' pelisses and spencers...On the whole it's a tasty confection."
Publisher's Weekly, 2008

"Well-written, interesting, captivating, romantic, inspirational, and addictive, Before the Season Ends shows how the Lord can influence every part of your life without being overly preachy. To my surprise, I could not put this book down, and I'm recommending it to all my friends."

"For anyone looking for a truly refreshing romance, this beautifully written story is just that and more! This book is a must read for anyone who enjoys Christian Romance. It is fast-paced and exciting from cover to cover. In my opinion, Linore Rose Burkard is an excellent and intelligent writer. I will definitely be looking forward to more work by this talented lady."

"I'm an avid Jane Austen fan and love everything Regency. If you feel the same way, you will adore this novel. I had to force myself to put it down halfway through because it was 1:00 a.m. and my poor husband was trying to sleep. It was so refreshing to find a novel set in Regency time that featured a Christian as one of the main characters. Linore Rose Burkard is a gifted writer, and I'm waiting with great anticipation for her sequel."
C. Hohmann, Amazon Reviewer

"Before the Season Ends is a delightful book that captures the spirit of Jane Austen! This is a beautiful love story with rich character development and wit. Out of the many books I preview for a book club, this one stood far above others in the same genre. The author helps readers take a good look at choices, motivations, feelings, and prejudices through the filter of Biblical truth and provides many areas for group discussion or just self reflection. Do yourself a favor by pouring a good cup of English tea and settling down with this book for a charming literary escape."
S. Andrews

"I adored the characters in 'Before the Season Ends.' Ms. Burkard has a gift for bringing her characters to life with humor and faith. I laughed out loud and was also brought to tears while reading this beautifully written book. She also brought to life a period that we can only dream about, when men were gentlemen and women were ladies and young women were respected for their virtue."
A. Tjiong, Michigan

"Before the Season Ends is a delightful story in the fashion of Jane Austen. The story engrossed me so that I couldn't put the book down. I loved the historical attention to detail in setting and in characters.
Ms. Burkard manages to make Christianity so much a part of Ariana's character that I barely notice it. In fact, when I finished reading the story I felt extremely good!"
R. Smith

"Before the Season Ends is all that a Regency romance should be. Burkard crafts her characters masterfully. Even those peripheral to the story seem to come to life and step off the page. Finding a book of this quality with a Christian theme woven throughout the story is refreshing and inspiring. I highly recommend the book and am watching for more from this author!"
Missy, Amazon Reviewer

"The characters, descriptive setting, and story in 'Before the Season Ends' are believable and beautifully written. The Christian overtones are meaningful without being preachy. Christians and non-Christians alike will enjoy this book. This wonderful historical novel is definitely worth five stars!"
Stacie Vander Pol