Reader Reviews of The Country House Courtship

"Linore Rose Burkard's series from the early 19th century rings authentic compared to many regency novels. The Country House Courtship lets us in on a life of chaperones and equipages, bonnets and redingotes, romance and obligation. But one thing never changes from century to century and is skillfully woven into this story, which is faith in a loving God who offers salvation to all.
Carol Kurtz Darlington, Reviewed for TitleTrakk

"In The Country House Courtship Ms. Burkard combines the best elements of Regency fiction with the best elements of contemporary writing to delightful effect. "Jane Austen Lite," and I mean that in the best sort of way. There is no slogging or trudging through this book. Readers can enjoy a wonderful Regency style novel that is friendly to a modern day audience. I think anyone who enjoys romance or historical fiction will love this book."
Dina L. Sleiman, Author

"I was so delighted to find these books, and have not been able to put them down...Definitely a fun and engrossing read! "
"Mrs. B.", Amazon Reviewer

"the best fiction book I have read in years! The book is in the tradition of Jane Austen but I dare say, even more exciting, as it has us encountering turns of events all throughout. As I neared the end of the book, I absolutely could not put it down, it was that exciting! Full of faith and inspiration and everything you could want in a good book."
"Elizabeth A. Register "Buffy", Wisconsin

"Satisfying Conclusion. Although nothing can compare to the ravenous thrill with which I devoured Before the Season Ends, Linore Burkard's first Christian Regency romance, the closing of the trilogy that novel spurred provids a satisfying conclusion."
Jennifer Bogart, Alberta, Canada

"The Country House Courtship is a delightful faith-based Regency novel that will that will keep you entertained and immersed in biblical truths.... The romance in this novel is so precious, and I enjoyed how the characters allowed their decisions and view of things to stay in line with their faith-filled beliefs. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel!"
Jennifer Hudson Taylor, Author and Publisher

"This is my first time ever writing a review on, but I am so impressed with Linore Burkard's series that I felt compelled to share. I read until the wee hours of the night because the stories were captivating. Burkard's writing style has been compared to Jane Austen, which is understandable, yet Burkard has a distinct style of her own. This is a fantastic,well-written, period authentic, inspirational romance story."
Elise A. Wilson, Chicago, IL

"After picking up this book, I've decided I have to get my hands on the first one. If you like Jane Austen (which I LOVE), you'll like this with its refreshing, easy prose. Linore brought the Regency era to life with its customs, practices, dialogue, descriptions, etc. I really felt like I was there! For readers who want to curl up in a cozy corner with a cup of tea, this is a sweet escape into the world of Austen. "
Sandi G. Rog, Author

"THE COUNTRY HOUSE COURTSHIP is the third in Linore Rose Burkard's romances featuring Ariana Forsythe. Each is a masterpiece that transports the reader to England's Regency Period, complete with exquisite imagery woven seamlessly into a compelling story. Her characters come to life with unique personalities, believable dialogue (true to the period), and relatable human desires, fears and flaws. Burkard's gift for incorporating period detail and language leaves one to wonder if the author is somehow involved in time travel. Since that is likely not the case, however, I applaud her tenacious and enthusiastic approach to research. This is a delightful read, reminiscent of riding a raft on a lazy river, moving along at a comfortable pace and never wanting the lovely ride to end. "
Susan Miura, Reviewed for

Burkard's gift for incorporating period detail and language leaves one to wonder if the author is somehow involved in time travel.
Susan Miura

"I'd rather read Linore Rose Burkard than Jane Austen!"
Golden Keyes Parsons, Author

"Ms. Burkard knows her regency history. You can go in knowing nothing about regency and when you close the book at the end you will have had a history lesson without even knowing it! The author keeps you engaged from start to finish in the book. It's like Jane Austen with spice! If you aren't an Austen fan (like me)you'll be pleasantly surprised at what a fun read CHC is."
Debbie Lynne Costello, Historical Romance Author

"This is a fabulous book both for those who like to read the classics and those who like the modern take on the era, as Linore manages to combine the authenticity of the one with the approachability of the other."
Roseanna M. White, Author and Publisher

" Linore Rose Burkard once again delivers a Regency romance that all Jane Austen fans will love. Her richly described scenes and well developed characters transport the reader effortlessly into 1818 England. ..A wonderful story with very likeable characters, this is an emotional page-turner that is well suited for book club discussion groups as well as an enjoyable personal read with a good cup of English tea. Don't miss this one!"
Sandi Andrews, Book Club Leader, VA

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